Pediatric and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy & Wellness

In-Person & Online!

Prenatal/Postnatal Pelvic Health
Birth Prep
Head Shape
Tummy Time Support
Milestones Support


For mamas AND babies!

Mother and Baby Wellness Collective was developed to empower you on your motherhood journey! We provide high quality, evidence-based, one-on-one pediatric and pelvic floor physical therapy and wellness services to infants, toddlers and women in all stages of motherhood from pre-pregnancy to postpartum.

Empowered Birth & Recovery. 

With guidance from a physical therapist, you will learn how to prepare for birth, support your recovery, heal your body and relieve symptoms, and safely continue or return to the the activities you love to do symptom-free!

Nurtured Development.

This precious time is meant to be enjoyed and not spent worrying! Whether you are not sure where to start to support your child's development or you have concerns about your child's development, save hours searching the internet and contact us! With guidance from a physical therapist, you will learn how to  support your child's development and promote their ability to explore and play!

Convenient Care.

Parenthood is busy and it is hard to get out the door, which is why we offer in-home and virtual sessions. We make high quality care and results easy and attainable for families. Schedule a free phone consultation today!


Now seeing clients in office in Sandy Plains!

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